October 13th 2020



We developed the second title of the survival horror saga Remothered, Remothered: Broken Porcelain.

Broken Porcelain brings an abundance of welcome changes to the series, introducing new gameplay and storytelling elements that breathe new life into the characters and an unprecedented level of immersion in this haunting adventure – perfect for both new and returning fans to the series.

The truths buried in the Ashmann Inn will not be discovered easily - its many mysteries are intertwined and guarded by the looming threat of the stalkers, powerful hunters trapped in time, and the confines of its walls. Survival will take more than just quick reactions as a strategic and resourceful approach will quickly become critical in this haunting adventure. Be smart - knowing the best time to sneak, flee or fight imminent dangers can quickly make the hunters become the hunted.

The retail and digital versions were released on Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 on October 13, 2020.


After her expulsion from an all-girls’ boarding school, the rebellious Jen suffers an injury attempting to escape from the Ashmann Inn, where she was sent to serve as one of its maids. Together with her new friend and fellow maid, the timid violinist named Linn, they slowly become aware of the manor’s unsettling history. As they begin to observe strange occurrences involving the Inn’s residents, a haunting figure lurking its halls, and sensing an ominous presence from inside the hotel, the duo must escape from their prison with the truth… and their lives.


Thrilling Psychological Plot

The award-winning cult classic Remothered returns in Broken Porcelain, the perfect entry point for new fans discovering the franchise as well as series veterans craving additional lore surrounding the events and characters of Tormented Fathers.

Realistic Survival Horror

The Ashmann Inn is as rich in resources as it is in dangers. Cautiously scour the environment for items to aid your exploration of unsettling locations that hide grave secrets of a terrifying past.

Intense Stealth Gameplay

Roam among the shadows of Ashmann Inn and use everything at your disposal to distract enemies for a resourceful escape. 

Investigate and Escape

Challenging puzzles, expanded lore, and a haunting soundtrack by composer Luca Balboni (Remothered: Tormented Fathers, Mine, Watch Them Fall) transforms the dark and gloomy atmosphere into a terrifying experience that will haunt players well after the game is over.

Captivating Characters

The roster of charismatic characters grows as fan favorites return to meet all the new additions to the cast inspired by the protagonists of horror classics.

Real-Time Cinematics

In a series first, fully animated real-time cinematics will breathe new life into the characters and world of Remothered for an unprecedented level of immersion.


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Jen, an unruly yet reserved fifteen-year-old misfit, has been entrusted to the Ashmann Inn as its maid after being expelled from the Flemmington Girls’ Institute.

Upon her arrival, she discovers that a dark presence perceives her as a threat. All the while, Jen’s past comes back to haunt her no matter what she does to escape from it.

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Linn is a timid and insecure sixteen-year-old girl with a stutter who works at the Ashmann Inn as a maid. She is definitely not happy with it but she feels somehow attached to the people who live in there.
Upon Jennifer’s arrival, they became friends right away. However, their budding friendship will be put to test as they navigate the dangers within their new home.

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Andrea is the senior housekeeper of the Ashmann Inn. She is deeply loyal to the owners of the inn and aware of many of their dark secrets.

Despite being a devout servant of God, a series of unfortunate events in her past has led her to believe she has been condemned by her faith, and that someone inside the hotel may be plotting her demise.

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Rumors describe Porcelain as a haunting figure said to stalk the Ashmann Inn, tormenting its inhabitants with his vicious looking cane and iconic whistle that reverberates throughout its halls.

People living at the hotel deny his presence but at the same time, they seem to be aware of it, but Jen can’t help shake the feeling that he’s always near, watching from just around the corner.

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Ashmann is an entrepreneur who took over the family company, the RossoGallo, and opened the Ashmann Inn.
A facade of kindness and professionalism, hides a vengeful individual, with a turbulent relationship with women, a severe drinking problem, and violent behavior.

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Elisa is a sweet, gentle, and good-looking girl working at the Ashmann Inn, unfortunately often subjugated by the will of Andrea.

She knows there’s something strange in the hotel that constantly evolves along with the relationship between Linn and Jennifer, and soon begins to fear for her own life.

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Red Nun

Belonging to a very small group of cloistered nuns, the Red Nun appears as a threatening figure in red covered by moths and armed with a dangerous spear.

She is probably the only survivor of a terrifying fire, which destroyed the cloister Cristo Morente.


Watch the trailer


Whispers Trailer

Ashmann Residents Trailer

Home for the Holidays Trailer



December 3rd 2020

Nintendo Switch and PS4 release in Japan

Remothered: Tormented Fathers and Remothered: Broken Porcelain double pack became available in Japan on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, published by the renowned Japanese company 3goo (Dead by Daylight, Victor Vran: Overkill Edition).

October 13th 2020

Game Release

The digital and retail versions of the game became available on PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

May 2020

Global Press Preview Beta version

A beta version of the gameplay has been shown during a press preview in which the team introduced new abilities and movement options through crafting techniques and anticipated the new Moth Eye ability.

August 19th 2019

Official Announcement at Gamescom

We officially announced the release of Remothered: Broken Porcelain at the Gamescom, organized a closed door hands-off of the Alpha version for the press and launched the Announcement trailer during Gamescom’s press conference.

April 11th 2019

Collaboration with Modus Games and Game Announcement at IVGA

During the Italian Video Games Awards, Christina Seelye, Founder & CEO of Maximum Games, officially announced the new episode of Remothered and the collaboration with Modus Games through video.